"One of my couples still needed to lock in some vendors, so I told them about The Social Co and the vendors I work with in here. They've now locked in More Life Films and Silent Shout too which is a major bonus. Not only will I get to work with mates at their wedding but I'm stoked I was able to help them get a booking. Plus my couple are pumped that they've locked in cool vendors they might not have found otherwise"

Ben - Benedict Sutton Photography

"TWSC is amazing, I honestly can't recommend it enough. From the moment I first walked through the door as a slightly shy newbie I was made to feel so welcome. I spent some time in this relaxed and trendy space working on my business, and I can't wait to continue my journey with TWSC. I highly recommend dropping by to say hello and seeing what these legends have to offer"

Bec - Azure Creative Photography

"Hey guys, I got an enquiry today through my website and the couple said they heard about me from The Wedding Social Co! Thank you so much for all the shoutouts on social media. So many benefits from hanging out with you guys, but this one, I wasn't expecting. Talk about the cherry on top! "

Julie - Julie Muir Celebrant 

"After a month of working at TWSC all I can say is IT IS EPIC. I felt this way after the first week. The space is awesome and the people in it are a bunch of legends. If you're struggling to focus working from home come in for a day or two and give it a crack!  "

John - More Life Films

"I thought joining a Co-Work space I would get less work done and just love the social aspect. Turns out I get shitloads more work done when I'm there, and being around such an inspiring and legendary group of entrepreneurs is just absolutely amazing!  "

Joel - Barefoot & Bearded