Outside the 9 to 5 with Scott and Stacie from Big Box Catering

Stacie and Scott are the brains behind the scenes of successful catering company Big Box Catering. Out of their kitchen in Wickham, Big Box provide delicious catering options across Newcastle, The Hunter Valley, and Port Stephens. From grazing tables to full blown wedding catering - Big Box are the experts at fresh, drool-worthy flavour.

TWSCO: Why do you do what you do?

BIG BOX: We both have a background in hospitality and wanted to offer something a little different, we saw a gap in the market and wanted to fill it. Our love of the industry keeps us coming back to something that is so uncertain and at times can be brutal, with little reward but we keep doing it out of pure passion.

TWSCO: Do you do weddings full time? If yes, can you tell us how you felt when you made the jump? If no, what's stopping you?

BIG BOX: Scott works full time in disability, however being 9 to 5 allows him time to be really active on the weekends. Stacie made the big leap at the end of last year and now has to believe in the business to provide a regular income. It was a decision that was not made lightly, however to grow and be taken seriously it was necessary.

TWSCO: What program or tech can't you live without?

BIG BOX: We love the Square App for invoicing, tracking and accepting payments. All can be done on the run.

TWSCO: What do you think has been a key reason for the success of your business?

BIG BOX: Our product has a point of difference, the concept we created fills a gap in the market, although its not for everyone, we know it will grow in popularity. With a trend towards food trucks for weddings, we felt it was the time.

Our success is also due to our personal contact with the clients, the person who takes your order is the person present on the day, our down to earth nature is really well received and we get repeat business from that.

TWSCO: What's next for you?

BIG BOX: A full-time kitchen lease is our next big step and the launch of Big Pan Catering, another concept we feel is a niche for the industry.