Outside the 9 to 5 with Benedict Sutton

Outside the 9 to 5 with photographer Benedict Sutton.

TWSCO: Why do you do what you do?

BS: I do what I do because shooting weddings has to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Meeting and getting to know beautiful loved up couples and being responsible to share their story through photographs is pretty special if you ask me.

TWSCO: Do you do weddings full time? If yes, can you tell us how you felt when you made the jump? If no, what's stopping you?

BS: I have very recently started shooting weddings full-time. It's taken me a while to get to this point, mainly due to starting a family of my own.

TWSCO: What program or tech can't you live without?

BS: Sounds boring, but StudioNinja changed my life. It's a CRM that seriously organises by life. I'd be lost without it.

TWSCO: What do you think has been a key reason for the success of your business?

BS: I think success is a funny word. I don't consider myself 'successful', but if anything was to be responsible for where I am now in my business, it's my passion for photography. I bloody love it. I was a full time environmental scientist up until recently, and despite spending years at university studying, photography always came out on top.

TWSCO: What's next for you?

BS: What's next? Well geez, I think I'll try my best to smash this wedding season first, then maybe I'll have a better idea of what's next. My focus at the moment is to stay true to myself, and continue to build my brand. Building my business in a way I can sustain it, is something I've said I'd do from the start, and so far I've been able to honour this.