Outside the 9 to 5 with Bec from Azure Creative Photography

Updated: Mar 11

Bec has been capturing weddings for five years. She says she's "obsessed with human connection, capturing people in love, and documenting the special moments in people's lives". Her photography is heartfelt, crisp, and light - when you look at her portfolio, her imagery brings a happy memory to life right in front of you.

Photos by Stories with Mel

TWSCO: Why do you do what you do?

BEC: I started shooting weddings over 5 years ago, and entering the world of wedding photography was the best thing I’ve ever done. I have a passion for capturing people in love and I am obsessed with weddings! Each wedding I shoot brings me a feeling of excitement and fulfilment that I find hard to put into words. I thrive on meeting and connecting with couples and being welcomed into their lives for a brief moment to capture their love story. I love taking photos, and I love weddings, and I feel so lucky to be able to combine these two things in my livelihood.

TWSCO: Do you do weddings full time? If yes, can you tell us how you felt when you made the jump? If no, what's stopping you?

BEC: I haven’t taken the leap into full time weddings just yet! I am big on planning and I have several goals in place to help make my transition into full-time wedding photography a smooth one. I am almost ready to dive head first into doing it full time. Having the safety net of a salary paying job ticking over in the background frees me up to invest in my business more and more, until the time comes where I can set fire to the safety net and make the leap! It’s super scary, staring into the great unknown, but I’m so looking forward to the day that I can make the leap.

TWSCO: What program or tech can't you live without?

BEC: DEFINITELY Adobe Lightroom (which I am sure so many people would agree with me!). My entire workflow is based around this program, and I honestly don't know how I would process weddings without it!

TWSCO: What do you think has been a key reason for the success of your business?

BEC: I think it's the fact that I am so passionate about what I do. My desire to photograph awesome weddings really shows when I turn up and am instantly “in the zone” when shooting. I lose myself in my photography work and it is the best feeling. I am so motivated to make my business work and grow, and I really think that has been the driving force behind my success so far.

TWSCO: What's next for you?

BEC: I’ve spent the last five years with my head in the sand in terms of networking in the wedding industry, which I am now learning will only get you so far. SO, I am diving head first into building up my network by meeting and getting to know fellow legends in the wedding industry (mostly at the Social Co!). I’m also spending so much more time looking at online resources, listening to business and wedding podcasts and really honing in on my personal brand and marketing strategy in the hope that I can expand my business even more. My next major step will be the transition into full-time wedding photographer, so wish me luck!