Where creativity, work ethic, and ambition come to collaborate.

What's the go with the Social Co.?


The Wedding Social Co. is where creativity, work ethic, and ambition come to collaborate.

We’re a hub based in Newcastle where you can get it done, feel comfortable, and be inspired. You’ll work alongside like-minded vendors from the wedding industry who get it, are achieving great things and are having a damn good time doing it!

Imagine booking your client meetings in the space, they walk in and the first thing they see is a bunch of Newcastle's coolest wedding vendors working away, you've earnt instant street cred! Greet your couple and take them through the double barn doors to the back space where you might find one of us taking a break, playing pool (yes, there's really a pool table). Make your clients a coffee with the espresso machine and head into the private meeting room where you can impress them even more with your good looks and undeniable charm, maybe even have a cheese board.  

Work from a space that drives you to be more productive and grow your business in ways you never thought possible. 

See you at the Wedding Social Co.